Petition: Extend the 13 bus to Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

We’ve been asked to help with a local campaign to extend the current 13 bus route, which ends at Epping St Margaret’s Hospital, to Harlow and the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

We’ve set this petition up which you can sign online:

Alternatively, paper copies are available from Waltham Abbey’s Tourist Information Centre.

We the undersigned request The Swallow Coach Company to extend their 13 service, which currently runs from Waltham Cross Bus Station to Epping St Margaret’s Hospital, to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Why this is important

  • There is currently only one service covering Waltham Abbey to Harlow, the 86, which is infrequent, finishes at 18:15 and no longer serves Princess Alexandra Hospital. This has a particular impact on elderly and mobility impaired hospital patients, along with their visitors.
  • The lack of frequent bus services also affects potential Harlow College students – we are aware of young people having to choose other colleges purely because of the lack of public transport to Harlow.
  • Increased bus services could also reduce traffic on London Road, which currently gets heavily congested.