Highways England call on Epping Forest District Council to defer Next.plc proposal decision

Highways England have submitted their response to the Next.plc planning application for a distribution centre in Waltham Abbey.

The Highways England response says that they need more facts and figures to back up assertions made in Next’s planning application,

Without a full understanding of the potential traffic impacts of the development, there is insufficient information for us to be satisfied that the proposals will not materially affect the safety, reliability and/or operation of the SRN (the tests set out in DfT C2/13 para 10 and DCLG NPPF para 32).

As a group Waltham Abbey Community Campaigns have similar concerns about other issues, including the impact on habitat,  employment figures and economic benefits.

If you haven’t already, please sign our online petition and submit your objection(s) to Epping Forest District Council. Details are on our help page: How to submit an objection

Highways England’s full response is embedded below: