Next campaign – petition comments

Along with over 500 signatures we’ve had dozens of comments on our online petition. We’ve picked a few of the best ones out.

There is already far too much traffic, especially HGVs using the local roads especially being in such close proximity to the M25. It would be a tragedy to lose yet another bit of the green belt and it would be another nail in the coffin for precious wildlife under constant threat of extinction. Residents of Waltham Abbey and the surrounding area deserve better. This is nothing short of corporate greed.

The roads are gridlocked too often already, this will cause unacceptable extra delays getting to/from the M25 and Loughton (as the queues to go up Woodreddon Hill are excessive and tail back every day).

The roads in Waltham Abbey won’t be able to cope with the extra traffic, especially when there’s an accident on the M25. The road surface of Dowding Way got damaged as soon as the Sainsbury’s warehouse opened and never seems to be without potholes. How much worse will it be if Next vehicles use it? And there will be so much noise and pollution if this development goes ahead. This won’t benefit the local community at all. Any jobs created will go to people from outside the area who will accept the low pay offered, as happened at Sainsbury’s. And why build on the greenbelt when there are brownfield sites available?

I’m strongly against the planned development of Next distribution centre. I’m concerned about the traffic, noise, pollution and a loss of green belt. It would be dangerous for the wildlife in the area, too. We already have a Sainsbury’s distribution centre in Waltham Abbey and we certainly can’t allow for another one to be built. We love living close to Epping Forrest with its nature and beautiful wild life. We don’t want to live in an industrial area.

Preserve the tranquillity of Waltham Abbey. The infrastructure of the roads is already stretched to capacity.

The road network around Waltham Abbey is at breaking point. This development will not only cripple the network, but in the process destroy another piece of our shrinking green belt land.

I want to preserve Green Belt and also for Waltham Abbey as a distinct and separate town. If this is approved it will be followed by further piecemeal erosion and degradation of remaining Green Belt land. It also brings development ever closer to conservation land in Epping Forest and Lea Valley.