#SayNOtoNext – #WalthamAbbey Town Council meeting TONIGHT – Weds 25th, 7.30pm

Waltham Abbey Town Council will discuss the Next.plc planning application at tonight’s full council meeting, from 7.30pm at the Town Hall.

Please get along if you can but, if you can’t, we intend to live-stream the meeting on our Facebook page here.

The Town Council can *recommend* approval or rejection but doesn’t have the power to make the final decision – we believe that the Epping Forest District Development Management Committee will meet in September to approve, reject or refer the plans to a full District Council meeting.

However, as the Town Council is the most local of our local government bodies we think that it’s important to get along to the meeting.

Please note that this isn’t a public meeting as such although the public can attend. In our experience the Town Council is very accommodating and open to taking comments from the public at these meetings.

We can’t find the meeting on the Town Council’s website or Facebook page so there’s a good chance that a lot of people don’t know about it.

Please share this post to help make people aware.